Paper Labels
Printers of paper labels use technical label paper, inks and coatings to create an item with particular friction (slip) and rigidity properties, capable of wrapping around fast moving, tight diameter cans or bottles using wet-glues.

Label Qualities
Label qualities that impact on the successful application of paper labels are typically in the areas of label pick up, release and positioning onto the can or bottle. To achieve high performance on a consistent basis the labels are engineered with specific paper surfaces and coating properties. Finish trimming accuracy is particularly important for high speed labelling lines such as Krones.

A Wealth of Expertise
Logans have been printing paper labels for the can or brewery markets continuously for over thirty years and have a wealth of expertise in this area. We are very knowledgeable on the attributes are different materials, coatings, conditioning and converting techniques and offer this expertise as a key part to our relationships in this area.

Many of our labels are used for high end exported goods sold into regions like Japan and Europe. Markets include baby food, sauces, coffee,fruit, vegetables and petfood.

We pride ourselves on achieving very high levels of labelling performance, low scrap rates for our buyers and superior printing standards.