About Logans
Experience is everything!

Ahead of the game since 1968 we regard as no small achievement. However as time and technology make leaps and bounds we have found that our long track record is vital in asuring quality remains in absolute focus. This dedication to first class standards is what our clients demand and what we provide.

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Our History

Logan Print Ltd Established 1968
First two-colour press 1979
First paper labels sold 1979
First five colour press 1991
First IML labels sold 1991
First CP punch die-cutter 1994
Ink making in-house 1994
ISO 9001 Certification 1995
First six colour press 1996
Climate controlled premises 1996
First Vendor the Year Award 2001
First Auto CP punch die-cutter 2002
First IML Export – Australia 2002
CTP platemaking in-house 2003
GS1 barcode certification 2004
First IML Export – Beyond Aus / NZ 2004
Clear IML labels 2004
Eight-sided IML label 2004
First IML Print award 2005
10th IML moulding customer 2005
100% IML aqueous coated 2006
First IML Export – Northern Hemisphere 2007
First Packaging Award 2008
Dedicated die-cutting climate 2010
IML exceeds 95% of Logans business 2012
$6 M capital expansion 2013
Largest IML producer in Southern Hemisphere 2014
Additional die-cutting capacity 2015
Exceeded 500 M labels per annum 2016
Integrated world-best digital print quality-control 2017